Monday, September 20, 2010

Suri .. A good friend

Suri.. as I called him was not just my colleague or neighbor but he was a very very good friend of mine. During my stay at US it was dead boring before he shifted to the next flat from ours. The day is still fresh in mind. We had shrimp cooking at hour place. And suri’s first line was tumhare yahan hamesha acha khana banta hai kya.. I was amazed at times to see how much he loved food and of course garam masala :) . Uske sath khate khate main bi moti ho gait thi.. Its funny.. but our love for daily soaps actually brought us closer. I would just barge in at his place calling out suri suri suri.. n he was like tu kabhi mat sudhariyo. He shared a lot of things about his life with me. He told me like a 100 stories. And I am glad that he did. :) He loved his family, his mother, father, bhaiya, bhabi and friends a lot. N he was always so happy to see his niece. N he missed them even more. He so wanted to go back rite from the day he came here. Not that he wasn’t enjoyin here. Suri jahan rahega masti to wahan hogi.. he always used to say ‘life is all about fun’ but he later changed his idea of life because he wanted to become responsible. Which he was. Especially for his love for BI090 which many of u guys won’t know about. He was sooo good natured. He took care of every one’s feeling. Aur mujhe bolta tha ‘sikh le tujhe zarurat padegi’. N I learnt too.. I can go on and on with my experiences with Suri. The 5 months I spent with him were awesome.. But I will leave it at this, wishing that his soul rests in peace. And also that he comes back to us soon …. Suri u are missed !!! :(


Lalit Suri said...

Hi Khyati, I remember we spoke on phone when you got the last gift of anup for his bhabhi. I know anup very well, he has an excellent heart and I know he have a lot of friends but he does not share so much with everyone as he did with you.. You must be a very special person.. In our life we are bound to choose our friends but with him his friends choose him.. I cant tell you I am feeling so much proud of him, wish I could have such a heart !!

निर्मला कपिला said...

But I will leave it at this, wishing that his soul rests in peace. And also that he comes back to us soon

yes the only way to prey god for this.