Friday, June 17, 2011

Bhai Papa misses you very much !!

Bhai, today after such a long time I want to write to you.
Life just went so fast since I changed my job. I want to tell you today that Papa have started missing you more now. You know he never expressed himself even when he was suffering so much from his health. He just got operated and with the grace of god and you he is feeling fine now and taking rest.. You are surprised naa ... yes he is taking rest :)
His eyes got so dark and red.. It always seemed he was in some tension. I just thought this today what was making him so tensed and then I realized he is missing your presence and the comfort you used to give him always. You are his chap .. though I am trying but still you are his prince charming.
Saavi ka mundan bhi ho gaya hai.. Ganji cute lagti hai..
One more thing we all finally celebrated Saavi's first birthday. It was really good and could have been excellent with you. I must have made you the Joker that day, with the Joker dress and makeup.. But that day I didn't felt your presence.. I am sorry bhai but I think I didn't even tried to feel that day... Time made us move around it... It was really hard for all of us to decide whether to celebrate it or not... It's good for Saavi: she was looking gorgeous.
Hey !! Ankur and saras are getting married this year in November. And nidhi next year !! All three are going to start a new life altogether... All couples looks great together rather perfect.
Bhai aa jaa jaldi bada kaam hai. 
Missing you so much. Take care and try to reply ..