Wednesday, August 17, 2011

15th August

This was on 5th August 2009. He could get his rakhi in 2009, but could not in 2010, which was on 24th August 2010. 
Things happened last year on 15th August made such an impact on my family that his absence was deeply felt this rakhi..
Yesterday though one year is gone since he left me. But every time I see his face it seems he will come back. And I can't tell anyone how alone I feel that time when I realize it is practically not possible.
Yesterday was a tough day for papa and mummy. I don't know how they have managed to stay calm. Till now I was thinking about myself and how much I missed him this whole year. But now every time I miss by brother I think about papa and mummy. How difficult it is for them to stand and even imagine that day.. People celebrated Independence Day yesterday with Kites and all. It was a dark day yesterday for all of us. I could not stayed at home yesterday.. I really miss you bhai and want to remember you always and also wants you to be remembered in the eyes of Saavi. She now knew you are her chacha and whenever we ask where is chacha she points towards your snap. Just want you to keep an eye on her and wish her to have a heart like yours. You are an idol to me and I will ensure your kindness in her.... Missing you always. Take care of yourself.