Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The day after 2 years

Toughest years since he left us. Today was the day 2 years back when the fate took my happiness. Today after a very long time I remembered him so very much. The day I spent with my mom. She was upset but didn’t spoke about her feeling… It was very much visible. I couldn’t dare to prickle. The dam might have broken. But I know it must have been much difficult for her to divert her anyways. All these years she got weaker and the same about my papa. But this is how life does to such mishaps. Even now for them it is very difficult to accept the truth that he is gone.
A glimpse of his memory always creates a whole cloud of hollowness, nothing seems to be complete, and something everywhere is missing. The moments which I could remember with him now seems so wonderful. He is my sweetheart. He always respected me of being younger to me; he always respected everyone he has been associated with. Nothing was as perfect as I saw him today.
Today I spent the whole day with my mom. We went to temple and then to Blind school to give them dinner. My father and wife sent to Old age home and to a Kodi Ashram at Nangal. I believe we did all these only to stay diverted from the thought that he is gone. But when it got over he came in front of me. Reminded of his absence and truth is what we can never change. Missing him very much and want to feel a life with him along. He can never be forgot, and will stay in our memories forever.
Take care bhai !!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Suri!! Its been 2 years since you have left! Feels like a much longer time..
You were a great friend and you are missed for that :(.. I hope God is giving enough strength to your family to go through this.