Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's 2 Months He is Gone !!

Not a second, not a hour and even not a day. Its 2 months he left us all alone. These days we are missing him very badly. He was too good to everyone that his eyes say everything. Even today I cannot believe that my charming brother Anup is not with me now. Life is becoming so busy these days, but whenever he comes in my thoughts, I started feeling so much alone without him. Every time I want him to come in my dreams and just 2 days back he came. In the dream also he was not talking anything. But he was looking too cute even in my dream; I was all alone when I woke up. He was the precious asset I lost.
I am feeling that after he left, we all are looking for small small happiness, and even that is rare to be found. We are trying to accept this reality but this reality is too scary to be accepted. I am missing him more when I am sad, as he always cheered me with his wicket tension free doses. I am missing those doses as I always needed them the most. I love you my brother. Take care of yourself wherever you are. I know I can never meet you again.... Don't worry about me!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"My First Hello wit My Brother"

Me and Anup....My life's very first precious close friend...

"My First Hello with My Brother"....but dnt know that U had't gave me a chance to say Good By.

From day one without knowing it, I loved you with all my heart.

As I grew older I looked up to you and to no other.

Yes, We fought many of times but you supported,

and encouraged me in everything I did.

You were my Best Friend and My Hero.

At nights I miss u like so much as i know you are not here.

I miss your comfort and the way you made me feel safe.

I miss our nonsense arguments and all our wrestling matches just to pass time.

I like to remember our times togehther good times and the bad.

I regret the times I yelled at you when you were only trying to help,

but you know I only did it bcz you did it to me.

I wanted to do everything you did,

bcz I wanted to JUST like You!!!

I miss ypur Big Smile,

and I miss the way we love to have non-veg...as U alwz searches new places for me..

But most of all I miss your reassuring hugs...:-(...:-(

"I wish I could go back and tell you how i felt,

tell you that I really need U."

I really loved to wear your all time ventilated shorts no matter what i said...

like I did when I was little.

But there is one more truth that there is a certain aloneness that can never filled...:'(

I miss U Bhai,...I miss your Smile....

I cant put my heart in these lines, I only want You to know how much I love u...

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Brother is the Cutest !!

It’s just day’s back, I somehow saw this snap of Anup. He is looking so beautiful and cute. He love to have food and that’s what a biscuit he is carrying that time also. My memories are not at all sharp, this is what I have realized these days, when I tried to remember our old time memories but could not retrieve them all.  But one thing is true, that he is same, as cute as he was as a kid and as cute as when I left him at the airport. I shouldn’t have left him that time. It’s now 1.5 Months he left us, but I could not find a single way how to live a happy life without him. I desperately need him these days. He was the angel of my small family, he was the mode of happiness always, he was the reason of celebration, he was my helping hand, he was my punching bag, etc. etc. Things are absolutely same here as you left; it’s just you who is missing here. I know you can’t come back, now it’s too late but at least keep showing your presence somewhere, I think god can at least grant you this much. Missing you my brother so much !! Take care of your self !!