Wednesday, August 17, 2011

15th August

This was on 5th August 2009. He could get his rakhi in 2009, but could not in 2010, which was on 24th August 2010. 
Things happened last year on 15th August made such an impact on my family that his absence was deeply felt this rakhi..
Yesterday though one year is gone since he left me. But every time I see his face it seems he will come back. And I can't tell anyone how alone I feel that time when I realize it is practically not possible.
Yesterday was a tough day for papa and mummy. I don't know how they have managed to stay calm. Till now I was thinking about myself and how much I missed him this whole year. But now every time I miss by brother I think about papa and mummy. How difficult it is for them to stand and even imagine that day.. People celebrated Independence Day yesterday with Kites and all. It was a dark day yesterday for all of us. I could not stayed at home yesterday.. I really miss you bhai and want to remember you always and also wants you to be remembered in the eyes of Saavi. She now knew you are her chacha and whenever we ask where is chacha she points towards your snap. Just want you to keep an eye on her and wish her to have a heart like yours. You are an idol to me and I will ensure your kindness in her.... Missing you always. Take care of yourself.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bhai Papa misses you very much !!

Bhai, today after such a long time I want to write to you.
Life just went so fast since I changed my job. I want to tell you today that Papa have started missing you more now. You know he never expressed himself even when he was suffering so much from his health. He just got operated and with the grace of god and you he is feeling fine now and taking rest.. You are surprised naa ... yes he is taking rest :)
His eyes got so dark and red.. It always seemed he was in some tension. I just thought this today what was making him so tensed and then I realized he is missing your presence and the comfort you used to give him always. You are his chap .. though I am trying but still you are his prince charming.
Saavi ka mundan bhi ho gaya hai.. Ganji cute lagti hai..
One more thing we all finally celebrated Saavi's first birthday. It was really good and could have been excellent with you. I must have made you the Joker that day, with the Joker dress and makeup.. But that day I didn't felt your presence.. I am sorry bhai but I think I didn't even tried to feel that day... Time made us move around it... It was really hard for all of us to decide whether to celebrate it or not... It's good for Saavi: she was looking gorgeous.
Hey !! Ankur and saras are getting married this year in November. And nidhi next year !! All three are going to start a new life altogether... All couples looks great together rather perfect.
Bhai aa jaa jaldi bada kaam hai. 
Missing you so much. Take care and try to reply ..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

happy birthday dear anup

dear anup brother. happy bday to you. You should come back in one form or the other to this world and become a part of us again. happy bday to you again dear....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday my dear Anup

I was driving to home from office n as usual Everyday whenever i cross by this place i pray to god that i do not have to come to this place ever to bade a last gud bye to anyone. This is the place we all saw u the one last time n u vanished like a breeze of ash n v all cud do nothing. Its ur bday today n i thought to stop for a while n wish ur soul a happy n contended life. Today i admit n regret that i cud ve done much more for u than i did. But i can only regret now. God bless. Saying that i miss u seems so meagre coz the hollow feeling created by ur absence is much more. God is so cruel.

"Happy Birthday To You Anup"

14th March 1985, when he was born.
Every year we celebrated this day with cakes and candles. Today the cake and candles are not here. All we have is his memories and the wonderful time we have spent together.

So many events have passed with years. His mundan, his engineering, his first job but his birthday was always the best day amongst all, as it came once all these years. He was the one who always believe in celebrations, he was the one who taught us how to make these events so special with these small celebrations at 12 in night. What to celebrate today but whom to wish and with whom to celebrate. Today no one is around, when this moment was so special for all of us.

13th March is our mummy’s birthday. I even could not wish her Happy Birthday. These 2 days were always so special for all of us.

But I want to wish today Anup a very very happy birthday and all the blessings which I could not give to you all these years. May god let me hug you once today. Missing you so much bhai. Lot to talk about and lot to celebrate. Time and years will not heal this hollow feeling..

It’s 12’ o clock now and I want to sing this for you !!
“Happy Birthday to You - Happy Birthday to You - Happy Birthday to Dear Anup - Happy Birthday to You -  May God Bless you – May God Bless you – Happy Birthday – Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday to Dear Anup”

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

गज़ल --gazal

उसकी अर्थी को उठा कर रो दिये थे
रस्म दुनिया की निभा कर रो दिये थे

नाज़ से पाला जिसे माँ बाप ने था
 आग पर उसको लिटा कर रो दियेथे

थी उम्र शहनाइयाँ बजती मगर अब
मौत का मातम मना कर रो दिये थे

दी सलामी आखिरी नम आँखों से जब
दिल के ट्कडे को विदा कर रो दियेथे

यूँ सभी अरमान दिल मे रह गये थे
राख सपनो की उठा कर रो दिये थे

थी बडी चाहत कभी घर आयेगा वो
लाश जब आयी सजा कर रो दिये थे

था चिरागे दिल मगर मजबूर थे सब
अस्थियाँ गंगा बहा कर रो दिये थे

वो सहारा ले गया जब छीन हम से
सिर दिवारों से सटा कर रो दिये थे

रोक लें आँसू मगर रुकते नही अब
दर्द का दरिया बहा कर रो दिये थे

माँ ग ली उसने रिहाई क्यों  खुदा से
कुछ गिले शिकवे सुना कर रो दिये थे

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Message from Saavi..

'Chaachu' is what I will call you when I grow little more. We all would have enjoyed a lot with you chaachu. Chaachu: who will bring chocolates for me, you know papa will not bring it for me. Who will teach me how to walk, how to run and who will take me to the park. You know no one takes me out of home. Everyone is so busy. I am getting bored these days. Chaachu you know it's time for me to enjoy...
I also must tell you that my gum are also getting stronger day by day. Very soon I will get my teeth. 
I am missing you a lot chaachu and this word 'chaachu' is missing at home.
Chaachu everyone at home loves me a lot. And papa also loves me a lot, woh hamesha paari karte rehte hain :))
I don't know where are you chaachu but papa thinks you are gone very very far. He miss you a lot. Papa always wanted that you can also enjoy the moment when I smile and the moment when I cry. Together we all would have been soo happy !! Chaachu give me lot of strength so as I take care of everyone in the family. I love you a lot and miss you always.
And I know next month is your birthday... Wish you can come for sometime and we all can celebrate your Birthday..

Your cutie pie,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Post by Abhijeet

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What we have shared and what we could not...

I met anup on the very first day at RKGIT(Our engg. college)..he was shy and he had this innocent rigid first i thought he must be very arrogant as he was not socializing with others..1st day gone night we were ragged by seniors..i was made to sing and dance whereas he was asked ugly questions...he tried his best..but seniors will be seniors...days went by and we got our hair cut done and bhought shoe with red lashes...we were looking indeed stupid...

After around 15days we were shifted to Hostel...Anup stayed with Manjul, Rahul...since Manjul was my good friend he allowed me to share a room with then we were 4 in 2 seater room..that time i didnt have much interaction with anup and found him very arrogant and we had lot of fights also over lot of unlogical things which happens at that age only...but over the time i reliazed that actually he was not arrogant he was just out of words at times but deep inside he has a big heart...u have to come closer to understand this part of his nature....once we both understood each other..then the positive energy flowing...I still remember the competition in which we won 3rd prize...we 2 were lagging behind as compared to other teams but finally we came out winning...i wish i had a camera that time to capture that moment...and then those long drives u me saxena all night around noida, ghaziabad and then morning we start wd cricket and then chole batorey..Khane Khas Chicken...those small small strategic discussion while playing TT to beat the opponent in doubles...and to my surprise it worked many a times...

We played room cricket...and many nights we had long disscussions about life, frindship..woh light band kar k dance(u, me, prabhakar)....really miss all those...

Till 2nd year we had lot of fun and 3rd year starting i suffered from zandaus it was life threating according to doctors, before my family could come in for my rescue, anup took care of me as none other than my mother itself...I still remember at night when i used to wake up he get up immedialty..and he ensured that all things i get on my bed that too for all 24hrs......I really thank anup for making me reliazed that i am special for him..before that i never had such experience.
Today this year 2010, i look at it with disspointment..we had planned so many things............we have just started to share more of our serious and responsible side....I miss you buddy........i wish we could have shared more.
Rest in Peace..