Wednesday, February 23, 2011

गज़ल --gazal

उसकी अर्थी को उठा कर रो दिये थे
रस्म दुनिया की निभा कर रो दिये थे

नाज़ से पाला जिसे माँ बाप ने था
 आग पर उसको लिटा कर रो दियेथे

थी उम्र शहनाइयाँ बजती मगर अब
मौत का मातम मना कर रो दिये थे

दी सलामी आखिरी नम आँखों से जब
दिल के ट्कडे को विदा कर रो दियेथे

यूँ सभी अरमान दिल मे रह गये थे
राख सपनो की उठा कर रो दिये थे

थी बडी चाहत कभी घर आयेगा वो
लाश जब आयी सजा कर रो दिये थे

था चिरागे दिल मगर मजबूर थे सब
अस्थियाँ गंगा बहा कर रो दिये थे

वो सहारा ले गया जब छीन हम से
सिर दिवारों से सटा कर रो दिये थे

रोक लें आँसू मगर रुकते नही अब
दर्द का दरिया बहा कर रो दिये थे

माँ ग ली उसने रिहाई क्यों  खुदा से
कुछ गिले शिकवे सुना कर रो दिये थे

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Message from Saavi..

'Chaachu' is what I will call you when I grow little more. We all would have enjoyed a lot with you chaachu. Chaachu: who will bring chocolates for me, you know papa will not bring it for me. Who will teach me how to walk, how to run and who will take me to the park. You know no one takes me out of home. Everyone is so busy. I am getting bored these days. Chaachu you know it's time for me to enjoy...
I also must tell you that my gum are also getting stronger day by day. Very soon I will get my teeth. 
I am missing you a lot chaachu and this word 'chaachu' is missing at home.
Chaachu everyone at home loves me a lot. And papa also loves me a lot, woh hamesha paari karte rehte hain :))
I don't know where are you chaachu but papa thinks you are gone very very far. He miss you a lot. Papa always wanted that you can also enjoy the moment when I smile and the moment when I cry. Together we all would have been soo happy !! Chaachu give me lot of strength so as I take care of everyone in the family. I love you a lot and miss you always.
And I know next month is your birthday... Wish you can come for sometime and we all can celebrate your Birthday..

Your cutie pie,