Friday, September 10, 2010

Life isn't fair.

I say that often, and this is what has happened. We take life so much for granted that we forget how fragile we and our relations are. Some events in life force us to think whether I am doing what I should actually be doing?

I have met Anup very few times, but I know Lalit very well, and to me he is less of a Jija ji and much more of an elder brother (though I say TU and he say AAP to me, which I always object). It always amazed me to feel that the understanding, true unconditional love, concern, pride that Anup and Lalit share, is just what me and my bro share who is two years elder to me. It’s hard for me to accept and react on what has happened. We ask god, why me, why us, but we get no answer. I think its up to us, how to face the voids. It brings me solace that I am writing for Anup's Blog, which Lalit, his bro, has made.

Love u Lalit, Love u Nanni


Lalit Suri said...

Thank you sir !!
We love you too !!

निर्मला कपिला said...

well said peadeep. I hope you will be able to fill some gap which anup created. be with lalit always| god bless you.