Monday, September 20, 2010

I miss you, I love you and that's THE END!!..

"Sometimes I hurt and wonder why
What did I do to deserve this life
Does God hate me or is this game
The game of living, its all the same"...

Bhai, I miss You,
I miss the whisper when you talked on phone
from your office,
I miss the warmth of knowing
You're just a call away,
I miss the way we fought and
I miss seeing your big bright
I miss when you talk on phone and
walking here n there,
I miss when you helping at home in
I miss making you wear your
seat belt,
I miss when we were in temple and
I miss your smelling socks
when you take off your shoes,
I miss you with all my might,
I miss the way we would always against lalit bhai
while playing cards,
I miss you my Brother,
I miss you my Heart,
I miss you, I love you that's


Lalit Suri said...

Hi ankur !!
On his journey to life he made so invincible moments that his small small things were so unique and charming that whenever we miss him we see all this things around us...

Mudita Kapila said...

As the days are passing by.... we have started missing him more n more... the sinking feeling that he is no more with us is getting stronger day by day....

nidhi said...

At times I miss him so badly that I can imagine his face while I used to tie rakhi to him on rakhsha bandhan n tears come in my eyes... u were really nice brother.. a gem .. rare to be found..miss u...!!!

निर्मला कपिला said...

अनूप देखा ना वक्त ने अपना काम शुरू -- मेरे सवाल अपने आप जवाब बनते जा रहे हैं।लेकिन दिल के एक कोने मे तुम हमेशा सोये रहते हो चैन की नीन्द बस तुमाहारे इसी चैन की खातिर तो तुम से सवाल करना बन्द किया है। हमेशा सब के दिल मे रहोगे। भगवान तुम्हारी आत्मा को शान्ति दे ताकि तुम सुखी रहो।