Friday, September 17, 2010

Anup’s last birthday in India (14th March 2009).


The above video was taken on Anup’s last birthday in India (14th March 2009).
It started at 12:00 Midnight with a small photo shoot and than Gayitri Mantra followed by Cake cutting ceremony and than 1 candle has to be kept in our small temple. It became a tradition in our small family to celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries like this. He was the one who started this and made everyone happy with such small celebrations. Till date we all had been celebrating our birthdays like this but not today.
It’s my birthday bhai, I am sure you can not forget to bring the candles and that silly cake every time. Today I am waiting for you and my cake.
Every year we celebrated your birthday and sing the happy birthday song which says ‘May gods bless you’ which we did in your 2009 birthday when you were here with us. We just missed your one birthday in March 2010 and for that god have given such a punishment to us…. I always loved all these small things you started to put everyone together happy always. Today I understood why you started this tradition, it was because to bring happiness amongst us, it was because to make our bonding even stronger. You always believed in celebrating every small happiness; every small occasion as that’s the way you lived your life…
Today I am really missing you a lot!! I don’t know how much I will miss you more today, the whole day. Life without you is looking very dull. Waiting for your wishes!!


निर्मला कपिला said...

ललित सब से पहले तो तुम्हें जन्म दिन के लिये बहुत बहुत आशीर्वाद शुभकामनायें, जब उसने ये सेलिब्रेशन शुरू किया होगा तो उसके मन मे ये विश्वास होगा कि चाहे मैं रहूँ या न रहूँ मगर ये कारवां यूँ हे चलता रहेगा। इस लिये उसकी आत्मा को शान्ती मिलेगी अगर तुम उसके इस सफर को उसी तरह से चलने दोगे। उसे खुशी मिलेगी कि उसका भाई उसकी कोई बात नही टालता वो छोटा बच्चा था मगर तुम अब बहुत बडे हो गये हो और उसे बडे बन कर दिखाओ। वो नही चाहता था कि तुम जरा सी खुशी के लिये दूसरों का मुँह देखो इस लिये उसने ये रीत चलाई। उठो अपने छोटे से परिवार के लिये सब की खुशी के लिये इस गम से उबरने की कोशिश करो। जितने आँसू बहाओगे उसकी आत्मा दुखी होगी। बहुत बहुत आशीर्वाद।

vaishali said...

lalit god bles you. I can't write more. Its all blank.

Hiteshita Rikhi said...

I completely agree with you Vaishali....I watched this sweet video couple of times but could't write anything...Lalit,God bless you dear always ...I believe in God n I believe he must have blessed a generous soul like Anup...TO LIVE IS THE RAREST THING IN THIS WORLD...MOST OF US JUST EXIST is a famous saying which now I recall when I think about you Anup...You knew how to live life ...God Bless!

abhijeet said...

Missing u suri..still i remember those days when u used to drag me to temple on every tuesday, u made me to quit eating non veg on tuesday...and than made me to understand GOD..u were the starting for me...may be today i have become very busy to really understand what has happened and how this is afftecting me but when i become silent and alone,i fell so helpless and empty. without your friendship i can never be complete suri....we will be best frinds always...i still fell your presence around many it some ones laugh/cry...or a chanting...or a sunshine...i miss u a lot in many ways...Further lalit bhaiya what i understood abt anup that he was really a great god believer...over the time he learned that life has to be taken as it is, rest all GOD will this sad moment we all should be following same and sholud not quit beleving GOD...anup will always be alive in our lifes through his memories,through those small small precious moments which we all have exprienced with him.....Rest in peace anup..luv u buddy..