Monday, March 14, 2011

"Happy Birthday To You Anup"

14th March 1985, when he was born.
Every year we celebrated this day with cakes and candles. Today the cake and candles are not here. All we have is his memories and the wonderful time we have spent together.

So many events have passed with years. His mundan, his engineering, his first job but his birthday was always the best day amongst all, as it came once all these years. He was the one who always believe in celebrations, he was the one who taught us how to make these events so special with these small celebrations at 12 in night. What to celebrate today but whom to wish and with whom to celebrate. Today no one is around, when this moment was so special for all of us.

13th March is our mummy’s birthday. I even could not wish her Happy Birthday. These 2 days were always so special for all of us.

But I want to wish today Anup a very very happy birthday and all the blessings which I could not give to you all these years. May god let me hug you once today. Missing you so much bhai. Lot to talk about and lot to celebrate. Time and years will not heal this hollow feeling..

It’s 12’ o clock now and I want to sing this for you !!
“Happy Birthday to You - Happy Birthday to You - Happy Birthday to Dear Anup - Happy Birthday to You -  May God Bless you – May God Bless you – Happy Birthday – Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday to Dear Anup”


Amit said...

I wish I could have brought Anup the cake as I did last year. I wish I could have brought the candles, baloons.... I wish I could have lit the candles for him, clap and sing Happy Birthday. I wish I could have paint his face and hair with cake. I wish I could have put a piece of cake in his mouth, and then would have smiled and clicked lots of snaps. I found those smiles and snaps for the last year Anup's Birthday celebration. I wish for my frends to God...............

निर्मला कपिला said...

ानूप जन्म दिन की मुबारक। आशा है मेरी मेल तुम्हें मिल गयी होगी। मैने तुम्हारा पता ई मेल से हटाया नही ये सोच कर कि शायद कभी तुम जवाब दो--- बस और कुछ नही कहूँगी । जहाँ भी रहो खुश रहो और अपने घर वालों के लिये दुआ करो कि तुम्हें जरा सा भूल सकें।

nidhi said...

A very happy birthday to u bhai..
I hope you were with us and I could call and wish you like each year.
I really miss you, your presence. Kash tum hamare saath hote.. ur absence has created such a big void in our heart which really cannot be filled.
You were and are really a nice person. May god bless you always.
Happy Birthday bhai..

Lalit Suri said...

Thanks a lot for all the wishes do share the snaps of his last Birthday when he was not with us....

Leena Juneja said...

My brother Pinka,

A thought of him is like the air, silent but always around.Its very very difficult to believe that a person who was soo closed to us has gone so far that we will just meet him only when we close our eyes and the moment we open our eyes he just disappears.

Really missing you a lot today.


Amit said...

Anup's Last Birthday Snaps!!

Amit said...

Last year birthday pics:

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निर्मला कपिला said...

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