Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday my dear Anup

I was driving to home from office n as usual Everyday whenever i cross by this place i pray to god that i do not have to come to this place ever to bade a last gud bye to anyone. This is the place we all saw u the one last time n u vanished like a breeze of ash n v all cud do nothing. Its ur bday today n i thought to stop for a while n wish ur soul a happy n contended life. Today i admit n regret that i cud ve done much more for u than i did. But i can only regret now. God bless. Saying that i miss u seems so meagre coz the hollow feeling created by ur absence is much more. God is so cruel.

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vaishali said...

No choice but to endure. The pain, agony and helplessness is what one is left with.
No answers but speculations will always continue throughout the journey ---------