Saturday, December 18, 2010

Remembering u my Dear Anup

There are so many thoughts running in my mind ... cant really find a title for this post.. As the days are passing by ur absence is being felt more... Life is so busy but u r always there in the subconcious mind.... while driving.. playing with Saavi... eating something that u always liked to... or sitting idle for that matter...
Sometimes i feel that if its so difficult for me to accept watever has happened how difficult cud it be for the parents ..
Lalit i cant say that i can take Anup's place in ur life but i assure u i will try not to let u feel his "absence". I will be with u in ur tough times & strengthen u like Anup wud have done... please dont ever belittle urself by saying that u cant keep ur parents happy.... u r a gud son n u r doing ur very best to keep them happy... JUST BELIEVE IN URSELF... n always remember..... Anup wud not like to c this kind of feeling in u...


Ankur Arora said...

It's really hard to accept 4 each n every person who was associeted with him even for a short time because he was so kind not only to me but with everyone. I hated this feeling that he is not with us. At times I feel like I want to die too but I know I can't. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this pain? I wish I could
bring him back but I can't and that's what kills me the most. I hope that everyone gets through some how.
and I never even had the chance to say goodbye and tell him many things i wanted to tell. I wish that I would see him again.
His memory will forever live on, I will never forget my only brother.

निर्मला कपिला said...

मुदिता सच कहूँ तो मुझे अपनी बेटी पर पूरा विश्वास है कि तुम ललित और मम्मी पापा को इस दुख से उबारने मे कोई कसर नही छोडोगी। उन सब के लिये अनूप को भूलना आसान तो नही है मगर छोटी से आशा और खुशी उनका दुख कम कर सकती है। अनूप को तो हम लोग नही भुला पा रहे तो आप सब के लिये तो बहुत मुश्किल है फिर भी जिन्दगी चलते रहने का नाम है।ललित को और तुम्हें बहुत बहुत आशीर्वाद।

Harman said...

Merry Christmas
hope this christmas will bring happiness for you and your family.
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